Rodney Rose, the owner and operator of Autumn Skies Landscapes, has been a gardener all of his life.

"When I was about 10 years old I was waiting for the school bus in front of a home in Rohnert Park.  I thought that I would be mischievous and I tried to move the side mirror of their car out of position.  Well, the mirror broke off in my hand.  I went to their door to tell them that I broke their mirror and we agreed that I would work off the cost of the mirror by helping them in their garden over the weekend.  I guess that I had a knack for gardening because I ended up working for them (paid!) for 2 to 3 days a month until we moved in late summer.

As an adult, I began as a gardener at a country club in Portola Valley before becoming the Head Gardener for an estate in Woodside, CA for 7 years. I moved to the Napa Valley in 1992 to take the position of Head Gardener at an estate in here St. Helena, CA where I worked until the property sold in March of 1995. Soon thereafter, I began Autumn Skies Landscapes and began building and designing the gardens that I love so much.

Having worked in gardens all of my adult life, I bring a very practical approach to the design and construction of our projects.  I know where hose bibs need to be for ease of use; I understand the best placement for lighting to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your landscape at night.  I do my best to anticipate future additions or changes that always come about and plan for them.  Landscaping projects are not cheap and you only want to have a job done once, so have it done right the first time!  Please call me to discuss your landscape project!"

—Rodney Rose, Owner & Operator, Autumn Skies Landscapes

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Located in beautiful Northern California, we do Landscape Napa and are also Sonoma County Landscape specialists. This includes Santa Rosa landscaping and landscaping Healdsburg. When you are looking for Napa Landscaping from the very best Napa Landscaping Design firm, call us right now.