Rodney Rose of Autumn Skies Landscapes helped us to obtain the final touches we needed of our home remodel. He worked hand in hand with the landscape architect from beginning to end which made the entire concept come together much more quickly. Rodney and his team worked great with the general contractor and the many subcontractors on site as there was quite a bit going on. Their ability to work hand in hand with the different trades saved us time and money. There was very little hand-holding necessary as they were very meticulous about following the design but were also very quick to provide options when concerns and issues came up. We loved the final product, felt his team was great and all knew their jobs extremely well. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

- Hanna Otto

Autumn Skies Landscapes is the company to hire if you want top-notch landscaping and design work by experienced professionals with a passion for excellence. After researching our options, we hired Autumn Skies to transform our unfinished Napa backyard into a beautiful landscape and couldn’t be happier! From initial consultation to final implementation, the transformation was seamless and well-coordinated. Rodney communicated with us every step of the way. His subject matter expertise, dedication to customer service, and follow-through were remarkable. We had an idea of what we wanted but Rodney's creative ideas truly elevated the project and the result was beyond our expectations. The team was always on time, hard-working, and conscientious. Our beautiful new backyard is truly an oasis providing us with a lovely, peaceful environment. We wholeheartedly recommend Autumn Skies to anyone in need of quality landscaping and design services!

- Amit Mujumdar

We highly recommend Autumn Skies Landscapes, without any reservations. We were looking for a landscape contractor who could not only formulate the design for the plantings and hardscaping, but one that could also do all the work implementing the design, with minimal subcontracting. After searching for several months, we came across Autumn Skies Landscapes. We read about the awards they received, and reviewed some of their projects online, as well as client testimonials. Since they seemed to be known for large projects (Ladera Winery, for example), we were a bit anxious that they would consider a small project such as ours - a complete redesign of all of the landscaping for a small house in St. Helena. We were delighted they accepted us as clients.

All we had was a vague conception of what we wanted (a Mediterranean landscape). Since our careers keep us both quite busy, we were looking for someone who could take our concept and execute it without extensive input from us.

Rodney Rose and his wife, Dawn, were great to work with. They were enthusiastic from the outset and "got it" as far as what we needed and wanted. The design couldn't have been more right on. The execution, from bulldozing just about everything to the ground, followed by the irrigation, the electrical, the hardscaping, and finally the planting, was accomplished with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail and quality. In addition, Rodney was easily accessible to answer any questions and calm any worries throughout the project. He was very responsive to any suggestions we had, as well as adjustments we requested to fit our budget. Some of the planting occurred during a heat wave, and he was quick to replace plants that were heat damaged. We received detailed information on every plant, including care and pruning, and a walk-through reviewing every plant. Even after finishing the project, Rodney continues to be available for any questions and problems that may arise.

It has been 6 months since completion, and each day we are still in awe of how beautiful everything looks - a remarkable transformation that far exceeded our expectations!

— Mary Jane Dylla & John Radick

We moved to California from Seattle three years ago, we bought our home just after the new construction was complete. Even though our house was complete, no landscaping was done. Happily, our extensive two-year landscape project with Autumn Skies (AS) is now complete. Rodney was instrumental in shaping our landscape design, being knowledgeable about the native plants and trees; he worked with our landscape architect in Seattle. Our project evolved into a more complex job over the course of its evolution; Rodney and his crew not only kept pace with the changes but did so with a positive attitude. AS has a collaborative company culture, with positive and hardworking people. We also appreciated receiving bi-monthly detailed invoices showing an itemization for their work, and the work of subcontractors. We highly recommend AS for their capabilities and honesty and have retained their services for the maintenance of our beautiful place.

— Sloan Buccola

Beautiful aesthetic and terrific person - creates a wonderful outdoor environment and always comes with a smile! Very knowledgeable of all things related to plants and trees. Also willing to take guidance and advice as we have looked to evolve our property over time. Has been working on our property for years and we couldn't be happier.

— Jamie Ford

Rodney manages our property on an ongoing basis. He is knowledgeable, responsible, responsive and has well-trained staff. We think he is highly qualified and very good. He is a pleasure to work with.

— Lauren Ford

I am the owner of a metal fabrication company in St. Helena CA. I have worked with Rodney, and for Rodney in the past. He has an amazing depth of plant knowledge and a great design eye. Understanding the plants habit and coexistence with the entire landscape are qualities that separate the best from the rest of the pack. His attention to detail in hardscapes, electrical, underground wiring, and irrigation make him a great choice as a contractor. You can be assured that the job will be done right.

— Chase Alstott

We have worked with Rodney Rose of Autumn Skies Landscapes on two very different projects. The restoration and landscaping of the Ladera winery property was a huge project just in size and scope. Rodney's creative design brought everything into balance. He planted 100 year old olive trees to help ground the 120 year old stone winery. He lined the driveway with drought tolerant and deer resistant plants in a color scheme that compliments the winery stone.

The second project was the landscape for our home. True to our request, the landscape reflects the rustic native nature of the property. This project had different challenges than the winery project. There was a steep drop off in the back yard that Rodney terraced and formed three levels with each planted to different flowers. It's stunning.

Rodney has true passion for his work. He strives hard to create what the customer wants with what the site will allow. Each of his projects is unique. Rodney is creative, honest and reliable.

— Anne and Pat Stotesbery

Please accept this letter of recommendation from one of your devoted clients. I am hoping that others who are considering using your services will contact me should they wish a more detailed reference. My husband, Joe, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our landscape project. You started with a tired and depressing fifteen year old garden that had been further decimated by construction to our house. You transformed this into a garden that is both useful and gorgeous. Everything you did was of superior quality, from your design services, to the plant selection, to the installation. Your knowledge of plants is tremendous and your work crew was extremely professional...always on time and neat as could be. I also appreciated your excellent contacts with the very best of the wholesale nurseries. Best of all, your sunny optimism and kindness made the whole process a delightful experience. This was most apparent when you committed to finishing our project in time for a special occasion party we gave, which, in spite of prolonged bad weather, you completed on the day of the party with flowering pots that were placed around the patio and looked like still-life paintings. My only regret is that the project is over, but I am determined to find yet another project in the near future. It was so satisfying and pleasurable to work with you, I just can't let our association stop now.

— Judi Epstein

Just a note to let you know that the wedding went off mostly without major hitches. One of the guests got her car stuck on the steepest section of the road, forcing some guests to 'hike' up the hill! Other than that, things went beautifully. The ceremony was deeply felt, the food was great, but, most of all, and thanks to Autumn Skies (otherwise known as "All Them Guys") Landscapes, the setting was breathtaking and the hard work you and all your guys did was widely admired, especially by our friends who knew what the 'before' was like. We have really lived under the arbor virtually every day since you left. We eat every meal there weather permitting, and my heart skips a beat every time I come up the driveway and enter through the split rail fence into the landscaped area, thinking, "Can this beautiful place really be OURS?" And we owe it all to your creativity and hard work. Thanks so much again. If you ever need a reference or would like to have future clients see what you have done here, feel free to call us. So many people found the fountain just breathtaking - "Where did you get that?" "How does it work?" etc., etc., etc. So it was really all worth it to us.

— Roy Hagar

My little acre is a good thing now! Complete. Thanks to you. You have said things like: "It's your idea, Jan, your color palette." But I didn't hire you without knowing you would have knowledge, smarts, artistic eyeballs. You have vision. In all ways! You do it right. In all ways! You are a darn good landscaper...the tops! You are also Excellent at reading your customer (read that "friend", I hope!) in my wants and needs. You are a good business man and are meticulous to a fault! You paint a are an artist! And have the rest of the stuff to back it up!

The true thing is... you designed this place... and when I met you 4? 5? years ago, you became the one to do it. And so you did! You are awesome! THANKS.

— Jan Noble

Rodney Rose of Autumn Skies Landscapes is a licensed landscape contractor of the highest quality! He employs the hardest working, humblest, and most unobtrusive crew we have ever experienced. His crew arrives early and they are well-groomed, hard working and have an easy camaraderie. They work as a team; they solve problems as a team. You never hear raised voices, cutting comments or swear words. Rodney loves the earth and the plants. He spends a lot of time preparing to welcome them (the plants). The crew amends the soil, adds nutrients, installs a flawless irrigation system and highlights nature's inherent beauty with exquisite lighting. Rodney has incredible design sense and understands inherently "the climate of the Napa Valley". He respects the environment and can create beautiful landscapes utilizing drought tolerant and deer/rabbit intolerant plants. He also acknowledges that water can be your enemy and makes sure that the drainage is more than adequate. Rodney's landscape installations are truly a work of art and he artfully cultivates a satisfied customer. Rodney Rose is the "man" for any landscape job!

— Mara McGrath & George Pugh

You need to know how absolutely pleased both Gary and I are with this backyard park you've created! Friday I came home and saw the lawn in (which married all of the pieces of the landscape together and even made the big trees that surround our property pop). I could not stop talking about the garden and showing it off to the neighbors and other contractors working on our project. I have never had a yard this beautiful nor have I ever seen (in person) a yard this beautiful. The choices and sizes of the trees and plants, the colors and textures you picked, and the many details that had to be just so are reflective of your gift and artistry and experience in your business. Along with being so happy with the outcome, I want to let you know how very hard working, tidy and careful your employees were! They were also very friendly and good listeners. Thank you for a superb job and we look forward to working with you again.

— Beverly Mills

Rodney Rose's company, Autumn Skies Landscapes, was originally referred to us in 1998 to do 'some landscaping' at our weekend home in Calistoga. Under Rodney's direction, what began as my vague notion of 'putting in some native plants' in the large patch of weedy dirt that surrounded our house, evolved into a magical and beautifully balanced resort for the senses. Our garden -- which to my mind is much too humble of a word to apply to the breathtaking results -- was colorful, fragrant, and tactically stimulating. The sounds of the babbling fountains, joyful songbirds and the gentle breezes rippling through the flora created a sense of well being that I had never before experienced from a garden. Rodney's garden design and implementation transformed our weekend, wine country home, into a much needed respite from our hectic lives. Rodney's talent for landscape design, knowledge of plants, experience with the Valley micro-climates and competent crew made for awesome grounds that became increasingly beautiful every subsequent year.

After creating mesmerizing gardens at our weekend home, we contracted with Rodney's firm on numerous projects at our guest ranch and conference center, Mayacamas Ranch, including the design and creation of the Sunrise Garden (discussed below), Sunset Meadow, the Lavender Walkway and the Mountain-top pool gardens. Set on 80 acres on the border of Napa and Sonoma Valleys, the Ranch benefited from glorious 360-degree, mountain and valley vistas. Creating a Ranch vegetable and flower garden, a grassy meadow, and a fragrant approach to the pool area, as well as landscaping for the immediate surroundings of the Ranch buildings were unique challenges. While the grand, mountainous backdrop prevailed, our Ranch landscaping needed to be both symbiotic and dramatic against that backdrop. And, important to our concept of food preparation in our restaurant and catering, our vision was that "Sunrise Garden" -- our imagined organic garden -- should meet three equally important objectives: to be a sensual experience for our guests as they strolled or meditated there; to produce vegetables, fruits and flowers that would play a key role in our cuisine creation; and to be a setting of memorable gatherings, parties and celebrations. After our previous experience with Autumn Skies Landscapes, we were confident in our choice of talent. In record time, Rodney and his team designed and implemented what became our popular Sunrise Garden. Sunrise Garden provided beautiful produce to our many, well-satisfied guests over the years. Most memorably, however, the Garden was host to more than 100 wedding dinner parties, accommodating hundreds of diners on the decks and throughout the myriad vegetable and flower beds. The Sunrise Garden setting was pure magic to the couples who took their vows at the Ranch. And the garden served as a perfect setting for thousands of lovely wedding photos.

In my opinion, Rodney Rose totally knows his stuff. The investments we made in creating landscapes with his firm always paid off. The best part of Rodney's work is that with each year, the gardens kept getting better and better. While his designs always were beautiful upon immediate completion, with the passing of the seasons the gardens proliferated into places that were nothing short of glorious.

— Laurie Windham, Former Proprietor, Mayacamas Ranch

My family would like to recommend Rodney Rose as he truly understands the concept of landscape design. When my husband and I built our custom home, it was important to us that the landscape complement the home in a way that made our property unique, yet representative of the beautiful Napa environment. Rodney's in-depth knowledge of the plants, trees and flowers enabled us to achieve our exact wishes.

Rodney takes the time to understand your ideas and vision and works hard to ensure your landscape looks just as you hoped it would. I wish I had a dime for each and every compliment we receive on our garden!!

In addition to being a craftsman and master of his trade, Rodney also runs a clean work site and is someone you can absolutely trust to work responsibly on your property.

Choosing Rodney and Autumn Skies Landscape is a decision you can feel good about and you'll end up with a final product that you will love!

— Jessica Martin

Rodney, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with how professional both you and your crew are. We have worked with a lot of contractors and I have never seen such professionalism! Your crew is here when you say that they will be, they work very hard and making great progress and all the while they really seem to be enjoying themselves. At the end of each day, all of the tools are put away neatly and everything is cleaned up as if you were never here. Jeremy & I are very impressed with the work that you and your employees have done for us. Your creative ideas, the quality of the materials you have used and your efficient crew have been very much appreciated. We find ourselves wondering, "What took us so long to do this... It's beautiful!!! Thank you.

— Susan & Jeremy Benson

What first impressed me about Rodney is how personally he took the attention to service and detail, thoroughly questioning me about what I was looking for and then providing links to images of work he'd done that represented the vision of what we'd discussed. From there, he added his own ideas and made suggestions that we are so happy with now that the project is complete. Our property, in the vineyards between St. Helena and Calistoga, is a retreat away from a busy life at home and was in need of attention in regards to the landscape lighting along with many horticulture issues. Rodney worked with the best of what we had and then raised the overall quality of the property to a new level of aesthetic enjoyment for us. We started about 9 months in advance of hosting a family wedding in our backyard, the first large event at our home, and it turned out spectacularly. The landscape lighting had to be replaced entirely and we needed to be tasteful but add some dramatic effect that would take the party late into the night. I think explaining what you want in lighting and getting someone to understand and deliver is very difficult. Rodney set up different options that we could plug in after dark when we came up on weekends to choose from, found the best materials and was totally flexible to change out a couple of things that weren't quite right, not from a quality point of view, but just a style preference once we saw the whole package come together. I very much appreciated his flexibility in that regard. The other reassuring part of working with Autumn Skies Landscapes was how much he communicated along the way about progress, or checking in on last minute options or double checking on plant materials etc. He was there when he said he would be, we were done when we said we needed to be, and we stayed very close to the amount we agreed to spend (only went over because I asked for a few additions after we started). Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, money well spent, and I'm sure that we will enjoy his work for many years to come.

— Gene Domecus